Essay the curious dog

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In this chapter Christopher reveals more about his view of the world. He casually dismisses the belief in God as he seems to think of them as illogical. When Christopher goes on to discuss the way he processes a new environment, he contrasts his approach with that of the average person. He mentions how little everyone else seems to notice. They stop noticing details, Christopher says, because they think about other things, such as the beauty of the place. Christopher’s tone indicates that he places little value in beauty. Beauty apparently doesn’t affect him emotionally, and it can’t be measured or mapped in a way that he understands. He sees it as illogical and unnecessary, so he disregards it. Similarly, Christopher thinks of God as an illogical and unnecessary idea. He speaks disdainfully of people who believe in God, suggesting they do so only because they need a simple explanation for complicated matters, such as the existence of life on Earth and the presence of complex features like eyes in living things. Christopher believes you can explain life and complex features without bringing God into the discussion, therefore no reason exists to believe in God. In Christopher’s understanding of the world, both beauty and God are unnecessary, so he dismisses them.
THEME- The theme of this chapter is ‘beliefs’ because Christopher discusses how people believe in god because the “world is very complicated” though he explains that they should think logically…