The Dad That Never Was Essay

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The Dad That NEVER Was
By: Katarina Riley
ENGLISH 10 11-20-12

“Walking in the door and seeing this complete stranger I didn’t even know… Or at least I thought I didn’t know him…

Who would’ve thought that what probably should’ve been the happiest week of my life turned out to be full of lies and promises and the let down I never once wanted or asked for. When I was a little girl my dad walked out on me. I never knew him or who my biological dad was either. I was told there wasn’t another guy and my father figure Celso was the only one but Tyler wouldn’t allow that, for me to be lied to and he told me the truth and I didn’t believe him numerous times until one day I had the guts to go and ask My Biological Mom, Tammie, if it was true that Celso wasn’t my biological dad and she admitted that he wasn’t. I was heartbroken and I felt turn like something was torn out of me.
14 years is a long time isn’t it? Because I sure think so, why you may ask I will tell you why because it is honestly upsetting and maybe sad I don’t know so you tell me! The should’ve been best week of my life turned out to be one of the worst weeks of my life, officially. I met my Biological Dad that Christmas of 2011 and it was nice at first until he left that is because once he left you’d swear he fell from the face of the earth. He was here and around and saying he was going keep in touch and move to Iowa when my brother was done with college but I guess theat was another one of the many lies he said over the week. Just like that he was gone and went back to his old life AGAIN!!!!!! Here I’ll just explain that week…. The thought never crossed my mind that he’d be sitting on the couch in my living room but he was so with that said here’s my story….

I remember it like it was yesterday…

It was a cold day in Paton when I was coming home from school with my sibling. We walked in the door to the house and my mom went in first and then jade and finally I walked in and everyone was sitting there like it was a bad intervention but the truth was it was an intervention and it was good at the time. There he was sitting one the couch and I walked in the kitchen and set my stuff down and walked in the living room. We all said hello to each other and asked one another how day was and what not then…

My mom Michelle stood up and said, “ Katty there is someone I want you to meet and I think you’ll be very happy to meet him as well!” “Kat this is Lionel your dad and I mean your biological dad.” I instantly started to cry and sob but I wasn’t the only one my mom Tammie was also in tears and she had to leave the room for a minute to straighten up so it didn’t affect me. But it did and it effected me big time, I mean I cried worse. After momma Michelle told me I ran right into his arms and we stood there for like 10 minutes in that position and he hugged me so tightly. At this one moment in time it felt so right and so real for him to have been there forever since I was born but he wasn’t, it just happened and was happening. So then we sat on the couch and took pictures with each other. I had been informed that I look just like him and they took the first picture and showed me and I said “ Holly hell that is a huge resemblance!” but after that he gave me my Christmas presents. He got me these collector dolls that are older than I am and clothes and a card with a letter to go with it. He said that he didn’t know what to get me and so he got me that. I thought it was very nice and sweet even though I’m not a kid. But it doesn’t really matter there not toys anyway. He may have got me that but I still love him the same amount I did before he gave them to me. Dolls or not I love him no matter what. We got to hang out the entire day just the two of us nobody else. We talked and got to know one another. I found out I had 4 other siblings, we all have the same…