The Dancers Do In Fat Sculpt Space In Real-Time

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The program describes it perfectly: the dancers do in fat “sculpt space in real-time.” The silence of the audience itself made the atmosphere all the more appropriate—it conveyed the intent concentration of the audience as these free-floating bodies warped both space and time with their grace and yet subtle power. Most of the scenes in this performance were rarely accompanied by vocal music or melodious tunes but rather by a chanting of succinct words. The short whispered words revealed an internal conflict that the performer was dealing with, elaborated further with the sayings, “Stop, stop, stop” as if he were blaming himself or trying to self-restrain his actions or thoughts. Another thought provoking scene consisted of a four-person chase sustained by a futuristic computer-like voice that continued to chant: “Yeah, exactly, uh-hu, that’s what I think.” I saw this representing a futuristic time period and this idea was reinforced through another scene of two women flailing their hands wildly after the sound of a bell, as if somehow they were looking for someone to save them from someone or rather in this case—something. Nothing provides more chilling thoughts than the looming future and the black attire of the performers alluded to the dark and dreary future that each of us must eventually face. Aside from the somber atmosphere, the performance itself was vivid and alive—the movements and motions flowed in a way that defied the limits of the body. One of the