The Dangers Of Drunk Driving

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Did you know that every day 30 people in the U.S are fatally injured in a motor vehicle?

If you drink and drive you are in a very dangerous situation. Drunk driving every year and

billions of dollars are spent on the damage. Alcohol is absorbed in the bloodstream via

small blood vessels. Drunk driving is very harmful to other people, they can lead to deaths

and serious consequences.

Drunk driving is very dangerous and illegal. If you are under the influence of alcohol or

drugs it’s illegal. In every state it’s illegal to be in control of a motor vehicle with alcohol in

your system. Alcoholism is also proclaimed as a serious disease. About 20% of alcohol is

absorbed through the stomach. You are risking yourself and whoever else is in the car with

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People are endanger every day with drunk driving. Someone in the U.S is killed by a

drunk driver every 40 minutes. 1.5 million people are arrested in a given year. In the past

century drinking and driving has continued to be a major problem. Drunk driving causes

approximately ⅓ of all traffic facilities in the United States.

Teenager drinking and driving is a big mistake. Teen drunk driving is the number one

young deaths at the age of 15-20. Nearly 70% of teens have consumed alcohol at least one

time. The worst mistake you can make is getting behind the wheel drunk. Teens are treated

as adults and will face the same penalties. Most drinking starts in college, they