The Dark Knight Essay

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The Dark Knight When choosing whom my favorite superhero was, Batman was the first superhero that came to mind. Batman has an ample amount of admiring qualities that drew me to him. One of the reasons I was compelled to Batman is because of his troubling past. Bruce Wayne (Batman) was at a play with his parents. Bruce got afraid and asked his parents to leave the theatre with him and go home. As they started to leave the theatre, a robber ripped out a gun and started to ask his father for money. The father gave the robber his wallet, yet he and his mother were shot anyway. Bruce was left alive and lived as an orphan for the rest of his life. He then inherited his parent’s money and made the decision to fight against crime. I admire Batman because after what happened to his childhood, it would have been easier to go down the wrong path, yet he chose to fight crime and become a hero instead. One of the foremost reasons Batman is my favorite hero is because he has no superpowers. Seeing that he has no superpowers says to me that he is an average guy who is risking his life every day to make Gotham city a safe place. If you have seen any of the Batman movies, you may have noticed that Batman does not kill any of his villains. That is because Batman has a no kill policy. His reason for his no kill policy is a reflection of his childhood. The assassination of his parents gave Batman the realization that he will not inflict what happened to his parents to anyone else, no matter