The Importance Of The Dark One's Desert

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There is no place in this world more mysterious than the Dark One's prison. Throughout time, only fragmented stories and legends have survived to be passed down from one generation to the next. Who is to say what is true and what is false. Yet the stories are all we have and so they keep being told. This is but one At the dawn of everything there existed two beings, the creator and the dark one. The creator was compelled to forge life and so the world was born. Every rock, stream, plant and animal perfectly weaved into a pattern so complex, only the creator himself could ever understand its true beauty.

Yet there was also the dark one, a being who existed only to destroy. The creator had no choice but to banish the dark one into another realm. It was on this day, the birth of everything that shayol ghul came into being. The link bridge on our world between everything the creator had made and the dark one's prison. A cage to withstand for all time...but every cage has its flaw. Who can say how it was that creator overpowered the darkone long enough to imprison him, perhaps it was the power of life given off by this new world or perhaps it was a fortunate moment of weakness. All that we know is that he was trapped.

A place devoid of life, devoid of any joy, a bitter hell with only his own madness for company. Yet this was the prison's weakness. As the years went by the dark one fed and grew from the madness that caged him, until the day the smallest of cracks formed...but it was no freedom he reached out to, only the sickness that life was to him. A tendril that reached out with a solitary purpose: to corrupt all. Who can say how much time passed from that first moment his cage cracked?

Secrecy beyond all known was required for his plan to work. The dark one had reached out in careful steps, corrupting thirteen men and women who could wield the One Power. One by one they came to him, some of the strongest channelers the world had ever known, swayed to his voice by the lure of power