The Dark Side of Cloning Essay

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Taylor Gordon
Ms. Windsor
May 1, 2013
“The Dark side of Cloning”
Cloning has been one of the most controversial and debatable topics for some time now, regarding its legality. Genetic engineering is very advanced technology but, ask yourself this question, is it really ethical and worth it? Human cloning is unethical and poses many threats to society that will lead to trouble as if there isn’t enough already out there. Also it is highly inefficient, very expensive which comes out of the tax payer’s money, and cruel on animals. Many Countries have banned cloning and there is so many logistics surrounding this issue globally. Cloning indeed has many laws surrounding this complex issue and all the risks/threats that could happen to society are just not worth it in the end.
Human cloning violates many human rights and leads to several unethical issues. It has the possibility to reduce the value of our life and take away the individuality in society. There are just under 7 billion people in the world and not even two humans are exactly the same. Human cloning would create a society where technology would control practically everything and even are birth if cloning happens. Some religions believe that god creates each and every one of us differently and now mankind would take over that which isn’t right. Also, it will make family systems even worse than it is because cloning only needs one DNA, and it doesn’t matter whether the father or mother offers it. This will cause much more single parent families and increase the world drastically if it became available at a reasonable cost. Even if a man wanted to, “Have a baby by himself he could if he offered his DNA to a surrogate mother. If this happens children cannot have both blood-related parents”(How (Human Cloning Will Work), and this will just cause mischief. Expanding on this, when only one parent is around the child tends to suffer and most of the time this will lead to crime. Another idea that goes along with this is that human clones will have the same DNA and that would be a major problem. Police and crime scene investigators, might be going after the wrong person and accuse them of a crime that the clone committed. It will also lead to some other issues like more bullying because, kids will obviously make fun of the child for being cloned. That will lead to trouble because when bullying occurs, people get hurt and worst case scenario, death happens. Invasion of privacy and the fact that the human clone is not actually somebody but, in reality they are just copied. All humans should have the right to decide who and what they want to do with their life. The cloned children would violate this knowing that they were genetically cloned and act the same way the other clone does. The cloned children may also feel that they are expected to live a predetermined life like Jim Carrey in, “The Truman Show”. Nobody has the right to take someone’s life and just make a copy of them because it is wrong for both sides. Overall, human cloning will destroy society and have a significant impact on the world that will not be for the better. To date, “There haven’t been any human clones and doesn’t look to be close in the near future” (The Cloning Debate). It should be kept like that as well, because cloning is unethical for humans and poses major threats on society.
Cloning is very expensive and highly inefficient but, yet it is still happening. Embryo cloning involves collecting eggs and removing the genetic material from the eggs and this is to clone human but rather harvest stem cells for research. However, these eggs aren’t cheap and on “Average in vitro fertilization clinics will pay $3000 to $5000 to the donor per egg” (Cloning's High Cost). That’s a lot of money and scientists usually require hundred’s of eggs to conduct research on. Dolly was the first mammal to ever be cloned and she was a sheep that used reproductive cloning technology. Dolly died six years earlier