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Short Film: The Date “The Date” is a short film that uses dialogue, imagery, and characterization to show the emotions of a typical first date. We can see how nervous the main character is by his dialogue. He says things that are not straight forward. It appears that the main character does not know what to do for the girl he is going on a date with. Therefore, we can tell his is not confident. The way he presents himself appears that he is nervous. The dialogue from his friend that is with him shows that she has confidence. She tells the main character that everything will be fine and not to worry. As any good friend, they always want to boost up their friends confidence when going on their first date. Throughout the short film, she helps him. The imagery that contributes to the claim is when the main character turns off the lights and lights up the room with romantic lighting. This exhibits that the first date he is going to have; he has some sort of deep, romantic feelings toward his date. He wants to impress his date by cooking something she likes meaning he really wants to his date to like him. His friend suggests Fig soup. This shows her type of character. She gives him ideas and suggestions on what he should do for her. When she does this, she puts some character in her. She keeps revealing herself as the short film goes on to find out she has feelings with this guy. It turns out the main character has interest in her too. His character comes off when he tells the