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The Most Desirable Place I Want to Live in
As a society or as a couple, we do not always agree on the best place to live. While you probably prefer the desert or the mountains, your spouse or partner might like living near the ocean. Everybody has one's own heart's desire to follow. However, in my opinion, Palo Alto is the most desirable place where I want to live in in the bay area for the reasons that I like the climate, lifestyles and its supporting facilities there.
First of all, I prefer the weather in Palo Alto. I have lived in Palo Alto for one and half years with my uncle’s family when I first came to the US. After I observed one year of four seasons in Palo Alto, I totally fell in love with the weather there, especially spring and summer. Spring in Palo Alto is a beautiful season, the environment look fresh and colorful in everywhere, the spring seem to come a little bit late, start from March to May. The ground changes it clothes from yellow to green; the flowers cannot wait to come out and the twigs come into leaf quickly. The warm sunshine instead of the chill wind, so people start to come out from their house, the streets start to been alive, and the parks start to fill of the children’s laughing. Summer in Palo Alto is hot, but I love summer, it always brings us happiness and pleasure. For personal, I do not feel hot here; the temperature is around 15°C--25°C. The trees get more flourishing and the flowers get more vivid. The sun is bright but is warm, daytime gets longer till 8:00pm. People like to do outdoor activities such as riding, playing soccer or enjoying the sunshine at beach and most of events or concerts are held in summer. People whose live in Palo Alto seem really enjoy the summer here.
Second, I enjoy the lifestyles in Palo Alto. Especially, residents in Palo Alto do not look like they have any pressure. I found that they enjoy their life every day in Palo Alto. No matter on the weekdays or weekend, there is always entertainment for people out in Downtown Palo Alto. For example, whenever you to Downtown Palo Alto, there are always groups of business people or professionals will hang out together to enjoy their dinner or coffee because there are few famous restaurants and coffee shops, such as Cheesecake Factory and Starbucks. I also see a plenty of older people with their grandchildren on the street in the afternoon for relaxing. For my uncle as an example, he is a doctor from Stanford Hospital, and he is living in Palo Alto as well; he told me that most of the people in Palo Alto always put their life’s quality in their first place since most of them who get to buy a house here are professionals that able to afford mortgage here. My uncle loves to get together with his neighbors to coffee shop almost every single day. Also, he always meets his co-workers in coffee shop at downtown to discuss work and catch up with each other. I want to enjoy my daily lives and work like my uncle does. Freedom and relaxing lifestyle are