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The school bell rang at Worthington secondary school, hundreds and hundreds of teenagers sprung out of the classrooms, chatting about what they had done in their lessons and gossiping about the latest thing that was going around the school.

"Did you hear that Mrs Johnson is getting divorced?" was the hit story of the moment, but there was one group of teens that couldn't care less about the news that their favourite teacher was getting a divorce.

Walking in a straight line down the narrow corridor were the three best friends, of course they had other good friends but these three were closer than anyone could be one boy and two girls.

"Hey Sarah?" "Sarah?" said the boy.

"Huh? Yeah? What Joe?" Sarah replied

"Were you daydreaming again?" Joe asked

"Mm" Sarah mumbled,

he laughed.

"So are you coming camping this weekend or not?" he asked bluntly

"Errmm...I'm not sure it's a good idea Joe, I mean we're going to be all on own and we won't have anyone close to us in case something happ-"

"Nothing will happen Sarah, it's all in your head, we'll be really safe in my dad's cabin up in Sydney, I'm sure of it" He said with a big grin on his face. "I'll think about it" she replied, uneasily.

She didn't talk to them for days, making excuses that she couldn't hang out because "she had work to do", there was no way she was going camping in the woods in Sydney, but she couldn't cope with the pressure. Thursday night, she was sitting on her bed, reading her favourite book and listening to her music, when her phone went off, Joe. This was the third time he's called that evening, but she couldn't ignore him again.

"Hello?" she said uncomfortably

"So? Have you thought about it enough now?" he said sharply

"Joe you know I don't like the idea, I bet you my parents won't let me go" she said confidently.

"Well I’ll get my mum to ring yours then? Please Sarah, it'll be so much fun, and my mum is letting me take alcohol as well!"

"Joe could you please stop putting all this