The Death of Apple Founder Steve Jobs Essay

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The Death of Apple Founder Steve Jobs This year “Most Fascinating Person of the Year” was Steve Jobs. That was pretty unusual because this was the first time it has ever been someone who wasn’t alive. His energy and vision changed the world and made him the choice for Most Fascinating Person of the Year. The Apple founder had been already chosen in the beginning of the year, and the rule had been broken just for him. In 1976 Jobs and his co-founder created Apple I. In 1977 he launched Apple II, it was an improved version of his pervious model. It became widely popular and it was easier to use. In 1984, he introduced the Macintosh. Jobs brought computer graphics retooled it and in 2006 sold it to Walt Disney making him their largest stockholder, which is known as Pixar. In 2001 the Apple Company revolutionized digital music with the iPod it allowed users to store and play back music on its hard drive. Jobs creations just kept improving and later transformed into a cell phone with the iPhone. Big ideas got Job’s moving; he was successful with his creations and later created a new one with the iPad.
Jobs fought cancer for eight years. Up until nearly the end, he was dreaming big, planning a new Apple headquarters. His death was mourned by millions of people around the world. The reason why I believe that the death of Steve Jobs was the biggest news of 2011 is because he was a very intelligent and creative man. He is the founder of Apple, a very popular company; his…