The Death Of Frankenstein

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Page #, Chapter, and Reasoning
“I am only left to conjecture concerning the probabilities by which it might have been placed in my pocket.”
Page 66; Chapter 8; Evidence and Question
The evidence is there that she, Justine, was the murder, but was it really her or the monster?
“I did confess…and now only am I truly miserable”
Page 69; Chapter 8; Evidence
Justine confessed that she was the murder, but only because her confessor threatened excommunication and hell fire.
“Sleep fled my eyes; I wandered like an evil spirit, for I had committed deeds of mischief beyond horrible, and more, much more (I persuaded myself) was yet behind.”
Page72; Chapter 9; Shift
The book has now shifted from curiosity to depression. Victor is depressed because the monster he created has killed his brother and Justine was trialed and died because of it.
“Our house was the house of mourning. My father’s health was deeply shaken by the horror of the recent events...”
Page 74; Chapter 9; Prediction
Victor’s father’s health has been declining after the death of William. I predict he will grow more ill and maybe die.
“These sublime and magnificent scenes afforded me the greatest consolation that I was capable of receiving. They elevated me from all littleness of feeling, and although they did not remove my grief, they subdued and tranquillized it.”
Page 78; Chapter 10; Surprise
It shocks me that Victor could have been through so much since he created the monster and beautiful could bring him out of his depression.
“As I said this, I suddenly beheld the figure of a man, at some distance advancing towards me with superhuman speed.”
Page 80; Chapter 10; Question
Why is the monster getting ready to attack Victor after not seeing him for years?
“I was a poor, helpless, miserable wrench; I knew, and could distinguish, nothing; but feeling pain invade me on all sides, I sat down and wept.”
Page 84; Chapter 11; Shift
The book has once again shifted from happiness to depression. The monster is telling Victor how sad and lonely he is.
“I withdrew from the window, unable to bear these emotions
Page 89; Chapter 11; Surprise
Victor did so great in creating the monster because the monster has emotions just like a human does.
“I saw no cause for their happiness, but I was deeply affected by it”
Page 91; Chapter 12; Surprise
The monster acts so human that our feelings affect him too.
“The trait of kindness moved me sensibly, I had been accustomed, during the night, to steal a part of for their store for my own consumption, but when I found that in doing this I inflicted pain on the cottagers, I abstained…”
Page 92; Chapter 12; Illustrative
The quote shows that the monster cared for humans.
“My senses were gratified and refreshed by a thousand scents of delight and a thousand sights of beauty.”
Page 97; Chapter 13; Surprise
The monster also has human senses.
“…so entrancingly beautiful that they at once drew tears of sorrow and delight from my eyes.”
Page 99; Chapter 13; Illustrative
The quote shows that Felix’s Arabian wife was amazingly beautiful.
“The name of the old man was De Lacey…could afford.”
Page 103; Chapter 14; Illustrative
The passage tells about one of the cottagers, De Lacey.
“The government of France… to free De Lacey and Agatha by this proceeding.”
Page 106; Chapter 14; Illustrative
The passage tells the history of the cottagers that the monster stalks.
“One night during my accustomed visit to the neighborhood wood where I collected my own food and brought home firing for my protectors.”
Page 108; Chapter 15; Question
Why is the monster doing so much for the cottagers that he never met?
“My person was hideous and my stature gigantic. What did this mean? Who was I? What was I? Whence did I come? What was my destination? These questions continually recurred, but I was unable to solve them.”
Page 109; Chapter 15; Interest
I’m interested to see more information about who and what the