Essay on The Death Penalty

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The Death Penalty

The Death Penalty is a touchy subject to talk about to other people simply because as humans we have different opinions on it. Some feel it is unconstitutional or just straight up wrong, others feel like there is nothing wrong with it. My argument on it is that it is a fair punishment. I do agree it is a harsh punishment but it is harsh to keep people from doing certain crimes and if people do those crimes knowing the punishment then they deserve what happens to them. The Death penalty has many people against the wall on whether or not it is humane or morally correct. A couple of Sundays ago this particular subject was brought up in my Sunday school class. To my surprise half of the class was for it and the other half was against it. The main purpose for those who were against it was that in was morally wrong and felt like it gave prisoners the easy way out. For most people it is hard for them to say that it is right to take someone else’s life and the death penalty should become non-existent. I disagree. To me the death penalty is morally correct as. I know sometimes it may be hard to tell myself im a good Christian but I am for the death penalty. However, I feel that if someone knows the consequences to an action and they knowingly perform that action then they deserve the consequences. For an example: If you know you will get a ticket for speeding and you get caught speeding then you deserve that ticket. If you murder someone and you know the consequence is death then you deserve what you get. The biggest question is if the Death Penalty is constitutionally correct. Back in 1972 during the Furman V. Georgia case, the court ruled that the death penalty was ruled unconstitutional because