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The death penalty is the final, irreversible rejection of human rights. Through the efforts of the abolition of the death penalty in the world, to end the cycle of violence amnesty system consists of one in a disastrous State Economic and racial prejudice and human error pollution created. Amnesty International Campaign to abolish the death penalty to the individual situation of injustice, in America, in American abolishing death penalty to support work, nature and educational campus and community fatal defects on the death penalty system in our country. Studies have shown that, most people accept their impression and the criminal justice system in American knowledge through the media, especially the entertainment television. In this work, based on a three main strategies, people substantive areas development in research methods procedures of the depth of exploration and study really know, or think they know, about the criminal justice system. Firstly, analysis of longitudinal content and highest rated television discourse, various sizes of the theme and characters of the crime and law enforcement, are considered in order to obtain a general view of the criminal justice system described in the entertainment media time. Investigation of second is to investigate the related television viewing, along several dimensions, question understanding and legal system related to the view and its operation. Interactive checking these strategies are combined to form 1/3 problems, put forward the investigation and a relationship between law and society of convincing, cultural influence, important theory and experience of politics, and criminal justice studies. Our examination often concern in sociology and Criminal Justice Studies, in varying degrees, in the autonomy of the criminal justice system, or its aspect, the social factor (or vice versa) and function (or should be a function); we tend to mainly study the characteristics and law enforcement the legal system. However, I would like to present slightly different problems than is usually the research in this field. I suggest that we look even more special concept of criminal justice and law enforcement; it penetrated into the social life and social thinking. Do not necessarily have the criminal justice system is how to work, but some people think it works, is accurate. In view of the criminal justice system is mainly composed of host, embedding, and the broader society, a key problem is public knowledge is considered the actual operation of the criminal justice system. Public knowledge and opinion reason and shape them to gain a clearer understanding of broad social power relations between law and social understanding. Consider to between 1980 and 2012, California spent $4 billion to the actual execution of death penalty cases and only 13 people, according to a study by loyal Marymount law professor Paula Mitchell made. More important is, Mitchell tells why TV's Tracey Oppenheimer, in the death penalty is in play, "the legal cost of each box, soared to an extra $134 million a year, far higher than the non parole execution cost of living." Given the seriousness of punishment, it makes all the sense in the world to ensure due process is after all death penalty cases. I believe that death cost more in California (all) than in other countries, but will never be a way to make it less than a huge waste of taxpayers' money. There is no doubt, innocent people and finally the death penalty. The innocence project has proved, at least 18 innocent people, who was released as a combined 229 years in prison, has been from the possible execution over the past 15 years. In addition, with the large state hospitals, prisons have effectively become a psychiatric institution for the new. The prisoners were infectious disease rate is high, such as human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) / acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) and hepatitis, than the general population, chronic diseases and diabetes are