The Death Penalty Is Wrong Essays

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The death penalty is absolutely outrageous. There is no real reason that the government should feel that it has the right to execute people. Capital punishment is murder just as much as the people being executed murdered. The is no need for the death penalty and it needs to be abolished. It goes against the Constitution which states that there will be no cruel and unusual punishment. There is nothing crueler than killing a person. A perfect example of the death penalty going awry is the state of Illinois. Former governor George Ryan has put a stay on all executions. This came as a result of finding thirteen death row inmates not guilty of their convicted crimes. Also, by staying executions, Illinois is not spending the three hundred …show more content…
U.S. District Judge William Sessions ruled in Vermont that the federal Death Penalty Act does too little to ensure that the fights of defendants in death-penalty cases are safeguarded" (Second Judge Rules Against Death Penalty).
Richard Dieter, who is the director of the Death Penalty Information Center, has said that there is still a great amount of unsettlement, especially after September 11th, about our death penalty (Willing). Another popular argument about capital punishment is that it offers closure for the victim's family. For many families this just simply isn't true. Katie Lowenstein, the daughter of a murder victim, agrees. "The idea that the execution of the murderer will heal the crimes is false. Nothing is going to bring my father back" (Mendieta). There are also many more examples. One would be Marietta Jaeger who, after the murder of her seven year old daughter Susie, had this to say," In my case, my own daughter was such a gift of joy and sweetness and beauty, that to kill someone in her name would have been to violate and profane the goodness of her life; the idea is offensive and repulses me" (The Death Penalty is Wrong. Dead Wrong). There are countless more examples that show how even heart broken, devastated families of the murdered person that it is inconceivable to murder the murderer. How anyone could think there is justice in killing anyone is