The Death Penatly Essay

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Sydney LaRue Guy
Ms. Jennings
English 0331
December 13, 2012 The Death Penalty
In America, citizens have the age old notion in their minds of an eye for an eye; what they fail to realize however, is that taking an eye for an eye will leave to whole world blind. Although blinded, stubborn Americans still prefer to use Wild West tactics like the death penalty for murders. The death penalty is a crime, not a solution. The death penalty should be eradicated because it is immoral, hypocritical and an inefficient form of punishment. Yet, millions of Americans would agree to disagree. The death penalty is simply immoral. One reason why the death penalty is so wrong is that sentencing is not always fair. Sentencing depends on how well the defendant is being defended. If the criminal comes from a poor background, most likely he or she cannot afford a good lawyer. On the other hand, a rich criminal can afford a good lawyer and might only be required to serve 20 years of imprisonment. Race is also a major factor in judgment. A perpetrator that murders a white man is more likely to be put on death row rather than a criminal that kills a black man. Due to inadequate representation, people can be wrongly convicted. Therefore, the death penalty fails to bring justice to all people. This mistake can put innocent people on death row. However, the family and friends of the victim are the ones who suffer the most. No matter what they are feeling, killing the criminal that scarred their family will not make them feel any better. Even though, it might put an evil smirk on their face for a split second, inside there is still no end to their grief. This lack of relief stems from the childhood teachings that death is nothing to celebrate. Death and murder are in every social media activity that Americans are involved in. Yet, Americans are taught since birth that murder is wrong. Although, those who slaughter the convicts on death row are murderers, they are not viewed as critically for their actions. As the jail population increases so does the number of criminals on death row. The court system justifies their murderous judgments telling the public that these people hurt innocent victims and that they are just defending the country. However, what happens to the woman who stabs the man who raped her, or the man who kills the stranger who hurt his children? They too are defending their families just as the people of judicial power. The only difference between the two is that the man and woman will be arrested for murder. That is the hypocrisy within the American government today. Citizens are not allowed to protect themselves by fighting their attackers however, when the judicial system fights back using the death penalty they are praised as heroes. Proving America is sending the wrong message to the United Stated citizens. Not only has the death penalty been an ineffective form of punishment, but also has not reduced crime at all. Violence does not always prevail. The threat of death makes committing a crime more exhilarating therefore, the threat of death is pointless. The death penalty is not the only way to remove crime from the society. The worst punishment a person can have is to live with that