The Declaration and Resolves Essay

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Travis Puccio
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16 September 2013
James Madison’s Resolves The “Declaration and Resolves of the First Continental Congress” was written by James Madison, in 1774. It was written in response to the British Parliament and the passing of the Coercive Acts, or Intolerable Acts, earlier in the year. Madison wrote this document to address the British Parliament and to demand that the American Colonists be given certain rights. His purpose is to strive toward independence and exploit the king and his wrongdoings within the declaration. Through analysis of the document, we will see whether or not it is logical, persuasive, and does Madison provide evidence for his claims. The declaration states the unlawful acts committed by the British Parliament toward the colonies. It was logical to list everything that the parliament has done and to declare that we receive the rights we have been recently denied, especially since the colonies were already angry with the passing of the Intolerable Acts. By publicly expressing their wrong doings, it will advance the fight for independence. Those in support of the king would start to become weary of their decisions. Madison organized the document in a way that it stated all the issues and the resolves were the rights that are essential to remedy these problems. This format was an aggressive approach declaring that this be done for the colonies, or it will compromise peace. Madison expresses that these acts are infringements and violations of the colonists’ rights. The repeal of these acts are essential to restore harmony between Great Britain and the American colonies (Madison, 297). It was crucial that Madison’s argument was very persuasive. He had to persuade these resolves to the Continental Congress, because this document will lead toward action against Britain if the king does not agree, which he doesn’t. Madison’s word choice and tone of voice are a key part in persuading Congress. Words such as: impolitic, unjust, cruel, and unconstitutional tie the subject, the king, to these terms. In turn this persuades those on the fence of being a Patriot or Loyalist. In the fifth paragraph, Madison strategically lists every colony separate to strengthen his argument and to convey the importance of the issues listed in this document. Before the resolves Madison exclaims, “DECLARE, that the…