Essay on The Decline of Local Businesses in Lebanon

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The Decline of Local Businesses
Kathryn Hogden
DeVry University

The Decline of Local Businesses
In these modern times, small businesses are rapidly declining. Farmers markets and family owned businesses in small towns like Lebanon, Missouri have become almost obsolete. This town was once a large trade area for crops and crafts along the railroad system. Lebanon was a major stop to rest, drop off goods and buy/sell items. Towns like this one grew because of this reason. Major chain businesses are putting these locally owned companies out of business. My purpose here is to describe how such an increase affects the small, and even historical, businesses that are the roots of this community.
The city of Lebanon is a small town between Springfield and Ft. Leonardwood in Southwest Missouri. This started as a railroad community and has boomed in recent years with an increase of younger families and major business chains. The amount of younger people exceeds the elderly greatly. The younger generation does not show much interest in the farmers markets and other local vendors nor do they show much interest in preserving the history of this small town.
The older residents are still trying to preserve the history here. Still going to such small restaurants and bakeries due to friendships and just the general desire to have homemade foods served in a family like atmosphere where everyone knows everyone. A town that once thrived on such markets, homemade goods and handmade crafts is being pushed aside for new businesses and the ease of just making a trip to the story or going to the well-known places. Because of this, farmers lack the finances to keep crops going and craftsman lack the finances to buy materials. The owners of these shops too cannot pay bills because there is not enough money coming in. All of this takes away the lifestyle and sole income of these individuals.
This community is a blend of long-time residents and young families who want to get away from the busy bustle of large cities. The newer residents are primarily white-collar college educated people with young children who made their home here from other communities. The younger long-time residents here blue collar high school (or below) educated people with young children as well. This group primarily grew up in this community with family that has been here for decades. This blue collar group is generally made up of factory workers and farmers who make a