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Ashleigh Cerrato
Narrative Draft

I started off every day the same as I would for the last eleven years. This day was different though and I couldn’t figure out why. It was dull out and pouring rain all morning. I began to walk down my hall to see if my mom was still sleeping as she always would be since I woke up before seven almost every day. Instead of seeing my mom peacefully sleeping I saw my step dad and grandma panicking around her. My first thoughts were “what’s wrong with my mom, is she going to be okay?!” My mom was 9 months pregnant. She was due in two weeks from today. My mom was crying I just wanted to help her. I was standing in the doorway frightened by everything that was happening around me. My grandma came up to me “sweetie don’t be scared, there’s nothing to worry about. “In her worried face. I ignored my grandma and quickly ran straight to my mom. She looked sick to her stomach. First thing I said to her was “mommy are you oaky. I’m scared”. She said “not to worry, after today everything will be okay”. My grandma then came back up to me “Ashleigh go grab an overnight bag and get ready for the day quickly” I was sitting in my room brushing my hair when I heard the sirens going off. It was the ambulance! I quickly ran to the other room. My grandma put her hand out and made sure I wouldn’t run by. I was so confused, all I was thinking about was “what is going on with my mom”. My step dad then came up to me and said “go with your grandma, she will take you to us in a little bit. Your mom is having an early pregnancy. Your new siblings will be here shortly”. Hearing this news made me jump for joy. I couldn’t believe I was going to be an older sister, I was so lost in words. I didn’t know what to do. The excitement I felt in my body gave me butterflies. I knew after today nothing will be the same. As I was in my room finishing getting my stuff together my grandma was running around frantically. I kept calling her a “crazy nut” because she really is. Finally I was completely ready to get on the road to the hospital. As I was leaving my house I passed the new room that my siblings will now be living in and took it all in. I was still in shock that I was going to be a big sister. “Will I be good as a big sister? Will I be a good role model, I hope I don’t have to babysit all the time” these are the questions I was asking myself. My grandma saw my facial expressions and how nervous I looked. She told me the best advice I could ever hear at that moment. She said “ you know Ashleigh this is only a new beginning to the story that you call your life, think about it” We finally arrived to the hospital. They wouldn’t let us in the room at first so I decided to wander the hospital to see if there was anything to do or anything to interest me. I saw multiple paper clips in silver and I also saw two little rattles blue and pink. I decided to take a few with me to the waiting room. I made a necklace with the paperclips and the two raddles as a symbol of the day my brother and sister was born. I still have it till this day and I plan on showing my siblings when there a little bit older. My grandma was next to me and thought it was the cutest idea and the best way to entertain myself. Finally they called us in. my heart dropped. My stepdad whispers in my granny’s ear saying something to make my grandma gasp for hair. “What is going on”! I couldn’t help my crazy ideas that were running through my head. I quickly asked “what is