The Definition of Happiness Essay

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The Definition of Happiness

Happiness is defined in many different ways. It really cannot be defined in one definition. People are all different and have different perspectives of what is believed happiness should be. Authors Daniel Gilbert, Adriana Barton, Walter Mosley, Tom Hewitt, and Barbara Fredrickson all have various ways to describe what he or she believed happiness is. Daniel Gilbert, the author of “What You Don’t Know Makes You Nervous,” believes that happiness is defined by the knowledge a person consumes. Gilbert quoted “a person feels worse when something bad might occur, than when something will occur (80).” The evidence is explained that a person needs to know things rather the not expecting when something is going to affect him or her. For example if an adult did not know he or she was going to run out of gas, it would stress him or her out. If the adult could see how many miles till empty the car is, he or she could have got the gas and not worried. Furthermore Gilbert quotes “I mean that the answer to this question is that no one knows and not knowing is making us sick (80).” As gilbert quotes the understanding of the quote is explaining again that when a person has no clue it can affect him or her. It can affect people physically and or even mentally. For example if some did not know if a person’s family was okay because of a bad thunderstorm, it would cause the person to be worried. This also would cause him or her to think about bad things, while thinking these horrible thoughts him or her could become physically sick or even could make a person seriously depressed. Also Gilbert quotes “Six months after