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The definition of ‘human rights’ is basic rights that every people should be respected in common. Human society guarantees these rights as a cultural aspect and a law. Different cultures may have different standards of thought and mind to rights. Also, variety laws may force variety situations of breaking rights. Therefore, my opinion to human basic rights will explain with two kinds of example that can involve the current serious situations.

First of all, some adults violate children in their cultural aspects. For example, students in South Korea still are enforced with insults and parts of body by teachers in a class. Korean used to think that education can be completed with physical discipline. Teachers hit students who did not do their homework and who did not get perfect score in a term paper. Even though they teach human rights in their class, physical discipline is a kind of education they insist. Furthermore, parents support what they do to their children only in order to make a high score. Though they love students, they really want them to be well. In Korean saying, “Give loaves to those who dislike and give punishment to those who like”. However, hitting somebody to teach should be declined in a school for building human rights. Korean society needs to make strong laws to guide students in their learning place.

On the other hand, some countries ignore what women learn and express. Recently, the youngest recipient of The Novel Prize was Malala Yousafzi from the UK on October 10. Her nationality was Pakistan and her religion is Islam. Once she wanted to study even as a woman and noticed her thoughts to abroad. After that, she got a shot by Islamic community and was almost died. But she was moved to UK and fortunately took a surgery. Now she gets better and becomes one of social movement woman. Especially, she supports to women who want to study and make their voice loudly. The global society makes a conversation about the equality of woman rights but some countries ignore them as their cultural and religion aspects. According to recipe The Novel Prize, she is able to influence for establish the laws for women and children and for her national culture. She is travelling to speech about her life and thoughts. It must be challenge to somebody and awake all nations.

In conclusion, as people eat food every day, the human basic rights should be defined in our whole area every moment. People sometimes insist the priority of their cultural treatments to minority is important. But as changing the period it should be translated to fit modern social life by law. In future, another human rights will come out and be insisted. Thought now we can not image it and accept it, we should follow the new ones. Love is great and simple. That is to respect the other one. Basically the need of human right is to make love each other.
Children's rights are the human rights of children with particular attention to the rights of special protection and care afforded to minors,[1] including their right to association with both parents, human identity as well as the basic needs for food, universal state-paid