The Dehumanization Of People Essay

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Thesis: There is evidence that people have dehumanized others since the beginning of time. There are references to subhuman figures throughout historical periods, such as, ancient Egypt, the bible, and in ancient paintings. Although, these are just myths the dehumanizing of people are real and still occur in today's cultures. When people dehumanize others, they think of them as less than human or inanimate objects rather than as human beings. There are many ways a dehumanizing another person, for example, power, violence, abuse, bullying, prejudice, and religious practice are just a few events reported or studied over the years while researching the dehumanizing of humans.
II. Body Paragraph 1: Prejudice develops early within people, therefore,
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There are experts who say, the next generation is growing up prejudice, less sympathetic and compassionate, and thus, treating others less than human, as a result, these attitudes are passed on creating a never-ending cycle.
A. Supporting evidence: Social psychologist Caleb Rosado declares, prejudice and bad behavior are not part of our biological makeup, and has nothing to do with a person’s social structure, behavior or beliefs. He goes on to say, bad behavior can also be socially unlearned and restructured through training (1973)
1. Explanation: Social psychologist Caleb Rosado, has conducted many studies with preschool to college students, to determine at what age children become aware of differences in individuals and become prejudice. During his studies, he has determined prejudice is not a biological makeup of who we are. Being prejudice and treating others in a dehumanizing manner is taught throughout our life, from institutions, parents and relationships.
2. This evidence shows that education can play an important role in the elimination of such behavior that causes treating others badly and dehumanizing others.
III. Body Paragraph 2: The dehumanization of people with