The Demise Of Lady Macbeth In Shakespeare's Play

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Macbeth Essay

How could such a great general, honored and respected by the king, end up being a savage, murderous criminal? Macbeth by William Shakespeare tells the story of how a great man fell from honor into disgrace because of just one character flaw. His lust for power eventually led Macbeth to his demise. From the moment Macbeth began entertaining the thought of gaining power, he felt impelled to pursue his want. In Act I Scene III, three witches appeared to Macbeth and told him about his future reign as king. With these seeds planted in his mind, he longed to understand what the witches meant. He then wrote a letter to his wife who incited him to murder the king. Saying that he should leave the plot in her hands, Lady Macbeth prepared the knives and devised a plan for Macbeth to kill the sleeping king. Although he felt afraid at first and guilty to execute his wife's plan, nevertheless, Macbeth's greed won over his conscience. Because Macbeth
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As a result of his atrocities, he lost his conscience, good reputation, and honor. In Act V Scene V, Lady Macbeth took her own life, but Macbeth, null to the gravity of death, carelessly stated that she would have died eventually anyway. Conceived from the myriad brutal and malevolent assassinations he had carried out, this conduct demonstrated his inherently villainous character. Consequently, his actions led to his inglorious death when Macduff, to avenge his wife's and son's deaths, fought and killed Macbeth. To sum up Macbeth's story, Macbeth's downfall was his inability to control his discontent, causing the once-reputable general to commit the abominable act of murder. He enjoyed the title of king for a season but ultimately had to confront justice for his actions thus proving the truth that every sin has its consequences. The epitome of a tragic hero, Macbeth shows the damage one character flaw can do when he allowed it to manifest itself in