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The department I chose to write about is nursing. I have been in nursing so some time now and there is many different levels in the nursing department. Our goal is to provide the best care and comfort possible, while ensuring safety and competence to each and every patient. Our mission is to promote the best nursing care and build a strong and diverse workplace.

The area that our department fits into is mission, vision, and goals because a nurses’ first and most important goal is to take care of the patient and make sure all their needs are met. When a nurse comes to work her goal is to prioritize the day and make sure all treatments and medications are complete. A nurse must be observant of the patient to make sure there are not any signs and symptoms of pain or any adverse reactions.

The different levels of nursing carry different responsibilities. For example a LPN can be a charge nurse but there is always a RN that oversees that the LPN is carrying their duties, there is also someone above that, a Director or Nursing (DON), then above the DON is an Administrator. One does not make major decisions without the other and there is always continuing education to ensure nursing have the most recent information to perform their jobs.

I have chosen to talk about my old employer Madonna. Madonna’s mission is to provide physical medicine and rehabilitation to adults and children so they can better participate and are at their highest functioning levels. Madonna works to accomplish their mission by implementing and teaching their core values, which are collaboration, hospitality, respect, innovation, stewardship, and teaching. There are nurses that only work in education that make sure all staff is receiving the training they need by law.

The chain of command happens as follows: nursing facilities are regulated by the state. Human Resources does all the hiring and performs all background checks while the staff nurses train new employees when the are finished with all the classroom materials. Prior to new hires going on the floor they must complete classroom training where they learn all the core values and specific job training.
After they have completed new employee orientation they go to their specific unit, which have CNAs, LPNs, RNs, Unit Manager, ADON, DON, and Administrator.

During the hiring process the human resources department decided which positions are available and hire accordingly. If one person has more experience than another in a specific area. For example if Nurse A has experience with spinal cord injuries and Nurse B doesn’t they may place Nurse A on the rehabilitation unit would be more suitable to Nurse A rather than B.

This promotes a business modal because the company has very strong values and they make sure all their employees have them as well. A person who doesn’t have a lot of respect, for example, would not last at Madonna because a person is evaluated on the core values. On