The Depletion Of Human Health

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Lornette Boothe
Prof. Clouse
Eng 102
Final Draft- Argumentative Essay
The Depletion of Human Health During my years growing up in the Island of Jamaica, ninety-nine percent of the food I consumed was made from scratch at home. Running to a corner or convenience store to buy snacks was rarely accessible. Driving up at fast food restaurant drive-through window like McDonald’s and Burger King, ordering ready- to- eat food saturated with fat and sugar was never an option. Being overweight and other health complications were never an issue because foods I consumed were not processed and only minimal amounts of fats and sugar were used for cooking. In fact, most of the time natural sugar cane, mangoes, and jackfruit would be my snacks. However, over the years processed foods have become a part of people’s diet thus, replacing natural food; subsequently, processed foods are the major factor in the obesity epidemic in the United States and other region. In addition, cardiovascular disease has become an issue of concern due to the consumption of processed foods. Also diabetes has crept into the lives of people due to processed foods being an intruding factor. Therefore, replacing natural foods with processed foods can be detrimental to human health. Before I go any further, here is a clear definition of “Processed Food.” According to the Economic Review, processed food is “made from real food that has been put through a devitalizing process and is infused with chemicals and preservatives” (Ibrahim). In other words, food in its natural state has been manipulated by man to suit their purpose. Chemicals and preservatives in food give freshness and longer shelf life to food, but can put the health of humans at risk. “ According to the report of National Research Council Commission on Life Science study, 2000 exposure toxic chemicals and a combination of genetic and toxic chemicals factors cause about 28 percent of all developmental defects affecting 120,000 infants born each year” (Ibrahim). As a result, the chemicals and preservatives that are infused in food to alter it from its natural state can cause detrimental effects to infants; that is proof that processed foods are not fresh food and should not be consumed by humans. The consumption of processed food as created havoc, meaning many people diet is consisting of processed food that has led to life threatening health issues. For example: obesity, cardiovascular disease and diabetes which were mention earlier in the essay. Subsequently, processed foods have become a major factor in the obesity epidemic resulting in 64% of adults and a third of children being overweight or obese. School-age children, teenagers and adults are all at risk for obesity. The reasons include fast food giants like McDonald’s. Foods at McDonald’s are extremely high in calories and fats; it is so easy to “super-size” a meal, for as little as 40 cents. When a person super- sizes a meal that means he/she is consuming twice the amount of calories and fat per serving. “In fact, a person can gain 10 extra pounds in one year if he /she consumes as little as one hundred calories per day” (Gale). In fact, that was the case of the teenagers in New York who consumed too much processed food from McDonald’s and subsequently, gained too much weight and decided to sue McDonald’s. Amongst the teenagers who sued McDonald’s in New York for their obesity is a “ fifteen- year-old boy who, said he grew to 400 pounds and developed diabetes because he had eaten McDonald’s every day since he was six” (Gale). To be eating McDonald every day since the age of six is like signing away your life; Over the years the McDonald’s has increased the size of some available ready-to-eat food for example, “In 1977 the average cheeseburger weighed 5.8 oz and contained 397 calories; by 1996 it weighed 7.3 oz and provided 533 calories” ( Gale). So, with the change in size of a cheese burger over the years, a person