Monotheistic Religions Essay

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In what ways is the Holy Land an important site for all three monotheistic faiths? It is the birthplace of all three of their religions. It is also where their holiest sites lay.
The three major monotheistic religions are sometimes described as branches of the same family tree. If this is true, how would you describe the trunk of the tree? The trunk of the tree would be Abraham. Abrahams descendants started these religions, they are his branches.
How are the three major holy books of the monotheistic faiths both similar and different? Both have very similar beginnings, they contain similar texts with a few slight differences. The center of their books are different though, the main people they focus around.
How are the basic beliefs of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam alike? They all believe in the Lord. They all believe that Jesus Christ was a prophet.
What types of internal differences and divisions exist within each religion? This is a huuuge topic that I could write and essay on but I’ll try to shorten the answer for you, I don’t think you want me turning in some big ol’ essay. In Christianity there are a TOOOON of denominations, such as Methodist and Baptist, and even Catholic! Judaism are split into four major sects, Orthodox, Reform, Conservative, and Reconstruction. In Islam there are a TON of different schools and divisions that alter different things or word things different.
What characteristics and beliefs of the three religions make them different?