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Topic: Developing manager.
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In this essay I will be discussing various managerial role, development, opportunities available to a manager and various managerial still. I will also be accessing various personal skills available to a manager with various managerial decision making styles and recommended improvement. Furthermore I will assess my own personal skills, analyse my personal strength, weakness, opportunities and threats. I will review my career development and evaluate current potentials and future aspirations.


The prospect of management in hospitality industry is to facilitate smooth service production and growth within the industry. Management is very important to hospitality industry, as it’s need day-to-day attendance. Securing control over organizational culture is very important in hotel and tourism industry. Ryanair as portray a distinct form of leadership different from other airline, as a result of their new chief executive. The leadership style helped the company to manage over 1600 flights per day.

I will explain several forms of management style and how they have helped companies to grow over the year.

There are several forms of management style; examples are:


Autocratic: This form of leadership where the leader makes decision without the involvement of subordinate, this kind of decision reflects the personality of the manager and can project the image of a confident well managed business. Autocratic form of leadership management is the exact type of leadership that Ryanair practice. According to oxford dictionary autocratic is a kind of leadership where the manager has absolute power. Michael O’Leary possessed the power to change Ryanair management to suit what he feels will help the company better; this is regarded as autocratic form of leadership. Having regard for the subordinates is not in this form of leadership. Managers tend to formulate and pass down ideas to the arms of the company.

Consultative: This can be defined as the act of consulting professionals; having discussion with professionals before undertaking a project is an example. Managers of small companies under go this type of process, sharing their opinion and strategy with professional to avoid making huge mistakes and loss. Consultative management is downward communication; it usually comes from top downward. Consultative style of management might be included in Ryanair strategy before presenting their service to the public as they might consult accountant and analyst. Knowing profit margin and break even before embarking on any project. Consulting the workers to know the reaction of clients towards the service might be another way to look at consultative managerial style. The manager might want to get feed back from customers, to know the levels of effect the strategy is having on various individuals, if they like the idea or not.

Persuasive: This is a managerial style where by the manager uses power of persuasive to employ his workers to make decisions. The style follows that leaders and the followers will endeavor to make decisions together, this can be based on compromise or comparison. Persuasive managers are more aware of their subordinates, but it might be incorrect to say that persuasive method management is more inclusive of employees.


Discuss leadership characteristics

There are various forms of characteristics that leaders most possess in other to positively affect his/her organization. This characteristic has profound effect on the outcome of the company if positively used. Everyone is motivated in a different manner; money, price, and trophy are examples of motivating items. A leader requires a careful mix of leadership characteristics to flourish within a business. Examples of leadership characteristics are Interpersonal Skills, Communication Skills, Confidence and Creativity Skills