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How sport was developed in the UK

Sport in the 1500’s was mainly for the upper classes and the rich, games such as jousting and hunting where popular among the rich as it was exclusive and the poorer classes were not allowed to participated. As soon as these sports started along followed gambling and betting, betting made games more exiting and enjoyable to watch from a crowds perspective as they were willing a particular side to win or in some cases loose.
Jousting, hunting, dancing, fencing, foot racing and archery where all popular among amongst the rich in the 1500’s

In the 1700’s Places that sports might be found would be the market place, public thoroughfares, the churchyard, and uncultivated fields. sporting pastimes where well-publicized and they tended to be associated with the lower classes such as bull-baiting, cock-fighting, and bare knuckle boxing. Blood sports were by far, in the 18th century, the most popular past times, but they were not just involving animals, Humans also displayed there aggression in the prize-fighting competitions.


During the reign of Queen Victoria, times were relaxed enough for the lower classes to enjoy sport during their free time. Sports like Cricket and Boxing were given prominence for the first time, croquet and lawn tennis were also introduced. Many football clubs were set up during this era such as teams like Aston Villa and Everton, the initial idea for setting up these football clubs was to attract more people to come to church.
Golf, Football, Rugby, Cricket, Croquet, Boxing, Lawn tennis
In the 1900’s games such as football and cricket became