Essay on The Devil Wears Prada Film Case Study

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“The Devil Wears Prada”
Film Case Study

“The Devil Wears Prada” is a movie about a naïve, yet smart young woman named Andrea Sachs, and her journey to becoming a journalist. Andrea, also known as Andy, graduated from Northwestern University and interviewed for a job at Runway, a major fashion magazine in New York City. Being a simple young woman, Andy wasn’t necessarily up to speed with the fashion industry, but ended up landing the job. Miranda Priestly, editor in chief at Runway hired Andy because she was “different” from any of her previous assistants. If Andy worked as an assistant to Miranda for at least a year, she was under the impression that she could easily be hired as a journalist in the future. The only problem was
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In the movie, Nigel demonstrates a good example of expert power. He is very talented in the work place, and influences others to do well at their job. Andy builds relationships with several new people by working at Runway. Even though her and Nigel didn’t hit it off very well in the beginning, they slowly started to warm up to each other. I think Nigel sort of put on a front when Miranda was around. He seemed to be a lot more kind to Andy outside of the office. Andy also developed a relationship with Christian Thompson. He was really into her, and tried to win her over with his smooth tactics, but Andy was smart enough not to fall for him. There were several designers that Andy met along the way that she really got along well with. Being such a sophisticated, smart, and socially intelligent person, Andy didn’t have much trouble striking up new conversations and developing new friendships. Miranda was not personable at all. She avoided detailed conversation, and never cracked a smile. Because she was such a demanding and negative person, it was nearly impossible to develop a good relationship with her. Miranda did not even have a close relationship with her children, and she had been married more than once. She always put her career first, and her family on the back burner. Andy wanted to be a journalist more than anything, so she went out of her way to please Miranda. Some of the tasks