The Diary of Reverend John Hale Essay

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The Diary of Reverend Hale

Act 1

. I can’t help but feel out of place in this town, my every public move watched by people by the dozen. I feel like a complete foreigner in my own land, the townsfolk were bitter, cold and unwelcoming. It felt like there was something here, a spooky vibe radiating of every little thing. The town belonged in a book not a thing out of place, not a drunk to be scene, it was every preachers dream.
My first real evidence of witchcraft was a young girl named Betty, she was in a deep sleep and she could not be woken. My first inclination was to point the finger straight at the dark arts but after looking and her angelic figure lying on the bed I
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And even if they have realized the error of their ways are the lives of human being’s worth protecting your own good name.
After all the things I have to reflect on I have come to the conclusion that the closest thing to the devil in Salem are the accusers and the girls of the jury. And even after all that reflection I can’t find an answer as to why people can fall for this teenage trickery and judge someone’s right to live on nothing more then improvised skits.
An evil resides in Salem but it is masked not by potions, broomsticks and curses but by men of the jury and the people who claim to live by the word of god.

Act 4
Soon after I first came to Salem I felt that something wasn’t right and that the people of this town were being lead on by hidden agenda’s and corrupt figures disguised as judges and preachers. I pleaded with anyone who would hear my call to try and look at this for what this really is with absolutely success.
In the few month’s I’ve been here I’ve seen a pure community based on good morals come from what seemed to be a prosperous town to what I see now, nothing but a shell of what it once was, houses left un lived-in and fields left un-tended. You wonder how man could be so evil towards other people, and for what? Nothing.
I must leave this town and try and forget what I’ve done and only ask for mercy for my actions. I must also use what I have seen as a tool to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.