The Difference Between Leaders and Managers Essay Plan

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Essay Plan

Question: What is the difference between a leader and a manager? What is the relative importance of leaders and managers to the success of organizations today? Provide an example of a manager you consider to be a leader and explain why you think they are.

Introduction * The manager asks how and when; the leader asks what and why. Manager works effectively and efficiently; leaders develop the power with people. * Two distinctive systems yet related to each other. In other words, the planner and executor. Leadership and Management In The 21st Century: Business Challenges of the Future (Cooper, 2004). * Purpose of this essay – to explain and introduce the reader to the world of leadership and management in the
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Effective Management: A Multimedia Approach. 2nd ed. USA: Thomson South-Western.

TEMPLATE FOR SUMMARISING AND EVALUATING ARTICLES FROM SCHOLARLY JOURNALS Title and Article Reference | Toor, S., 2011. 'Differentiating Leadership from Management: An Empirical Investigation of Leaders and Managers'. Leadership & Management In Engineering. [e-journal] 11, 4, pp. 310-320. Available at: Business Source Complete, EBSCOhost. [Accessed 11 March 2013] | Aim / Purpose of article | To define how the way leaders and managers perceive and categorize their own perspective about the difference between leadership and management. Especially in construction industry. | Sample, location, method of data collection and analysis | Interviews - conducted with 49 leaders and senior executives. Sample - Combination of purposive and snowball sampling. Selected through a peer nomination process. | Findings/Interpretations reported in the article | The study has significantly shows that there is a distinctive terms of leadership and management as it is performed in various functions and roles within the organization. Although it might be occurred at the same time, the findings emerged that leadership is rather more flexible, open to new ideas, and relies on personal power, whereas management looks more rigid and tested approaches, as in contrast, management predominantly relies on position power and formal authority. | Significance/contribution of the article in relation to your