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Running head: The Dim Lighting Company Case Analysis

The Dim Lighting Company Case Analysis
Julia Cunningham
Baker College

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Dim Lighting Company, a subsidiary of a major producer of electrical products is at a crossroads when it confronts a year where operating targets are not realized and profit margins dropped by fifteen percent and what steps should be taken to reverse this trend. A budget meeting with the management group yields differing opinions of where monies should be spent, yet how will that allow for a reversal of the downward trend and show the parent company that profits will indeed return?

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The Dim Lighting Company Case Analysis A problem a
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It would also likely have an effect on morale along the same views of R & D as the sales force is finding they are lacking on new products / new avenues to sell the sales portfolio to.

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Alternatives would be to provide in the budget enough funds to overhaul and/or fix and existing issues with the machinery and if after the two years of breaking even with the innovation we see that there is actually a loss, to budget for the new machinery. By not going with the proposal, the alternative would move more towards a reactive management stance and to deal with the ramifications that could result.
Suggestions made by the various directors also showcased their management styles as Directors Boswell and Preston appear to be Sluggish-Thermostat versus the Renewing/Transformational exhibited by Director Spinks. It can be difficult to see the big picture especially with accounting where an immediate result or near to it is desired. Today’s climate necessitates a renewing and transformational management style in order to be viable in the future. Target Stores is a perfect example of this as they have morphed from being a consumer goods store to that of a one-stop shop with supermarket capabilities at the majority of their stores. One would never have expected this metamorphosis five to ten years ago. Another examples would be PayPal©, where the founder Max Levchin’s original vision was as a cryptography company as