The Disadvantages of Human Cloning Essay

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Carl Traeger Middle School
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Senator Ron Johnson
386 Russell Senate Office Building
Washington, DC 20510

Dear Senator Johnson,

As we all know human cloning has been thought about for years now. The thought of cloning sounds exciting and a big advancement in medical technology, which it is, but what you may not know, are all of the risks that come with human cloning.
Cloning is a very controversial topic to many people. One of the first issues that come to the minds of people is the low success rate. As of right now the success rate of cloning is under 10%. In addition, no human has ever been cloned before and that scares people about the process. ( Even though there is a very low success rate there still is a 10% chance that it will work, but let’s look at all of the drawbacks that even come with the first step in being successfully cloned. If you are looking into cloning an adult, you have to keep in mind that the clone will start out as an infant. Secondly, even though it will be a clone physically, you have to remember that it will not be the same emotionally or intellectually. ( Even if there is a successful clone there could be social problems that occur due to adaptation to their respective environment. The final fact that has caught the eyes of many people is that even if the clone is successful, it has been proven that there are many disorders that lead to early death. (