The Dogs Could Teach Me Analysis

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Descriptive Writing

The narrative Flowers, written by Alice Walker had the most amount of description when compared to The Dogs Could Teach Me (Gary Paulsen) and The Sniper (Liam O’Flaherty). First of all, a sentence that was packed full of information and details caught my attention. Alice Walker uses description to appeal to all of our senses, which creates an atmosphere for the reader to feel as if they are actually there. For example, in the third paragraph she writes “She found, in addition to various common but pretty ferns and leaves, an armful of strange blue flowers with velvety ridges and a sweet suds bush full of the brown fragrant buds.” However, a close second would be Gary Paulsen's The Dogs Could Teach Me, unlike The Sniper by Liam O’flaherty it fits more detail in a shorter story which can pack more of a punch, but Alice walker has perfected
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Furthermore, in Flowers the author makes the reader feel as if they traveled back in time with Myop, we were with her when she collects the flowers and even as “she stepped smack into his eyes.” In The Dogs Could Teach Me, Gary Paulsen seems to describe the scenery in a visual sense, but does not engage our other senses like Alice Walker does in the