The Dollar Trilogy Analysis

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Maria Candelaria and The Dollars Trilogy are one of the most known films in Latin America and Western Europe respectively. This essay will introduce the idea of cinema in both the regions and introduce, compare and contrast elements which are essential to understand the two films. Mexican national cinema has a variety of good quality movies, directors and stars who are popular in Latin America, an area in the United States which is high populated with Spanish speaking Latinos. It is characterized and recognized through films created during a time after the World War II (1939-1952) called as the Golden Age. (Noble, 1). Maria Candelaria made in 1944 is a 102 minutes black and white film starring Dolores del Rio and Pedro Armendariz, …show more content…
According to me, since there were so many different characters and narratives in Candelaria, it was hard for filmmaker to accurately highlight the real perspectives of the culture and race since it was hard to mold them individually rather than the viewer relating to them as a group. On the other hand, in The Dollars Trilogy, the director concentrated on one main character who was the main protagonist, Clint Eastwood, who was present in the entire series. Eastwood had already made his name as a TV star and the reason for hiring the actor was that as he was already viewed at home for free, his audiences adored him hence his presence in the film would create more positive feedback from the viewers watching the film. As it turns out, “Leone’s first masterstroke was to hire Clint Eastwood.” (Martinovic,1). This is because he was not only able to fit the character physically but he was also able to contribute to major changes such as the dialogues of the film. The director used the technique of having various types of shots in the film to support Eastwoods’ presence in the movie. He made the character easy to grasp as this was an era where “image was everything, the trappings of ‘The Man with No Name’-the Mexican poncho, the cheroot cigar, the two-days growth of stubble”. (Hughes, 4) His acting talent elevated the enjoyment of watching this