The Dramatic Dream At Owl Creek Bridge Essay

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Nicole Luck
Dr. Paul Haspel
ENG 113: L0A
The Dramatic Dream at Owl Creek Bridge At first, this short story by Amborse Bierce has a very dry and subtle beginning. The imagery, while it has depth, almost wears out the reader in an almost necessary view of obvious images of a man about to be hung by an opposing army. But then it goes on and breaks away into the end of part one, leaving you with a small cliffhanger. I have never read a short story life this one! I never even thought there could be room for a mini cliffhanger in such as short story! Not to sound so simple, but even thought this story is so short an entire movie could be made off of the main character’s, Peyton Farquhar, struggles as he face his execution of death by hanging at Owl Creek bridge. The story goes on to reveal that his rope breaks and he falls into the swirling river below, and so on to his struggles avoiding the shot gun and cannon blasts as the captain and his men try to stop him from escaping back to his side of the river, back towards the south. She focus almost solely on the confusing imagery and all the pains in Peyton’s body. So much so that after a few seconds my head also began t heard, my throat felt tight, and I too was exhausted. All the struggles of a man fighting for his life! Onward he struggles, all through the night, his vision fading from how beautiful life is now that he has it back, to the loving embrace of his wife who he beheld fondly and then to the sudden shock of the true…