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Discuss how your understanding of change has been developed by your prescribed and related texts.

Change is a process of alteration it can be instantaneous or it could be a gradual change, change may be physical, psychological or environmental all change that occurs is either positive or negative, in relation to the prescribed text “ The Dreamers” a play by Jack Davis, a related text of Kevin Rudd’s sorry speech and a cartoon by R.Cobb use a variety of visual and literary techniques to show that a large amount of change that occurs around the world results in negative change rather than positive change.
The play the dreamers is about the impact on modern Aboriginals since the settlement of the “white” community it focuses on the
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“ Back on the path of creaming, I looked at him. Then back through the years, then knew what I had to remember; a young man straight as wattle spears, and a kangaroo hunt in September the simile and metaphor give help with the visual imagery of a young man which symbolises what it was before the white settlement.
They play ends with the death of worru. This acts like a symbolic message to aboriginal and as well as white people that if attitudes do not change and both culture start to preserve what is left and give the indigenous people sense of self the aboriginal culture and all knowledge will continue to break down and the inequality between the white society and the aboriginal society will increase if change doesn’t occur. My first related material a cartoon by R.Cobb also presents a negative view of progress. The cartoon uses two similar visual images to comment on man’s relationship with the world around him, it also shows how mankind has negatively changed over the years. In the first scene Cobb draws peasants travelling form the natural world to that one of civilisation represented by a castle with few travellers. The forest is show as a place of darkness and mystery with dark thunderous clouds around. The castle is in contrast with the forest it is bathed in sun light and is