The Dumbest Generation Analysis

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Mark Bauerlein’s believes that those under the age of 30 are the “The Dumbest Generation”. Mark Bauerlein’s statement is false because the youth of today’s day and age don’t have to work as hard to receive the same outcome of intellectual understanding. Bauerlein defends his clause by saying that newly found technology is making “Gen Y” another name Bauerlein gave to those under 30, dumber. In source 2 the author gives this example “political affairs, from 60% in 1966 to 36% in 2005 reflects at least in part the fact in 1966 politics determines the draft” this example is a comparison to technology and how technology advances the youth are able to put forth less effort and still receive the same outcome as previous generations those over the age of 30. Bauerlein states in source 1 “The 18-year-old may have a Visa, cell phone, my space, part time job, ps2, and letter from the …show more content…
In source 5 R. Smith Simpson asked kids to place obvious locations on a map and most kids were unable to do so, therefore Simpson placed these kids into “The Dumbest Generation”. This seems unfair to the younger generation that we are looked at as trials to the older generation, being asked to perform all these test as we are looked at as dumb. But throughout all the questioning nobody from the older generations were asked to place the locations on the map; therefore the questioning performed is unfair to the younger