The Dust Bowl Short Story

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Noa Margolin
Dust Bowl Essay


Shepard trudged, pulled, and pushed his old, bright red station wagon, but the clunker wouldn’t budge. It seemed as though one of the car’s tires had deflated because of the sandstorm. The car’s paint had begun to chip off on all the sides. You could see the dents on the roof of the car that had been battered by the unsettled winds and dust from the previous week. As fatigue crept over the old man, he slumped against the trunk of his car with his mind in a spiral of exhaustion. There was no movement, no sounds, no wind. It appeared as though Shepard and his wife, Yolanda, were the only two people left in this Texan countryside. In the far distance, Shepard saw a dark cloud of dust rolling into the deserted town. A cold, malevolent gust of wind abruptly blew in the direction of the man. The car’s windows shattered, and all the dust that Shepard had brushed off of the deflated tires had blown back
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Swinging the front door open, Shepard walked out into the ferocious, fearless storm. It was nearly black from all the dust and the only thing that was visible through the storm was the bright red Buick. Compared to the winds that were throwing Shepard back forcefully, carrying Yolanda felt like carrying nothing at all. Skwinting, Shepard walked towards the only thing he could spot with ease -- the car. The storm though, continued pushing and thrusting. She was monster, and Shepard wasn’t able to escape her grasp. She howled and she whistled. Then suddenly, she, the storm, was calm. Shepard fell down to his knees and began digging a hole for his beloved. He loved his wife, and no matter what, Shepard knew that he was going to fight through this miserable, hostile storm because that is what Yolanda would’ve