Essay on The Dylan Thomas Centenary

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The Dylan Thomas Centenary Learning poetry in this class, I get exposed to different types of poems and poets with unique style. Like many great poets, Dylan Thomas was one of the poets that were greatly appreciated of his works. This Welsh decent poet was born in Swansea in the 20th century that was considered a child prodigy in poetry. I find it very interesting to know that Dylan Thomas did not go to school unlike other poets. His form of education was just books he read as a child in his father’s library. Not many poets have published a book or anything of poetry in such a very young age. It is very sad to know that an influential poet died in a very young age. Imagine if he was still alive, there are many things that could still bring in the world of poetry. Keeping that in mind, I noticed our guest speaker Gwyneth Lewis was also from the university of Swansea, the city were Thomas was born and she was also welsh-decent just like Dylan Thomas. This is very interesting to know how greatly appreciated Dylan Thomas in Swansea itself.
Something that I always find very likeable was how professor Gioia reads poems. In my opinion, he has a very soothing tone that allows the audience to engage in his readings. On top of that, professor Gioia mentioned how Gwyneth Lewis was able to speak Welsh. Since I have never heard of Welsh language, I was eager to hear of it for the very first time. It turned out to be one of the interesting moments in the event. It was surprising to…