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The new natives of north America that exist in a extensive variety of environments. resting on the east side of the country had vast amounts of trees, is the place that elk and deer were hunted. Meadows of plains of the Midwest they hunt for a number of the American variety, having camels, mammoth and horse. with the desert regions of the southwest they hunted on smaller animals and gathered seeds. In the Arctic north, they do more hunt than gathering of seeds, fish and seals are abundant. The very beginning of established village life is in the southwest, somewhere by the 2nd millennium BC gourds, squash and corn (or maize) are cultivated. The Native Americans of the area came to learn how to grow their crops which they came to this knowledge from the more superior culture to the south, in Mexico
Some of the oldest entombment mounds in north America belong to the Adena ethnicity of the Ohio valley, the Hopewell tribes also followed the same culture as well. Most mounds that were built were done between the 1st century BC to the 5th century AD, to which at this time a enormous amount of mounds had been built all through the north America.
There were two regions of North America build up a highly developed farming societies - the Mississippi valley and the southwest. agricultural, and village life was spreading to east coast, anywhere fields are emptied of the woodlands so they could plant corn for maize. But in allot of the country most of the tribes keep on living a semi-nomadic way of life, in the established mode of hunter-gatherers, all though they did not have the one animal which makes movement on the plains easy for them to move around, this animal was the horse.
By Columbus coming to the Americas in 1492 was a tragedy for the original population of the American country. The principal agent for the collapse of the populace was disease. While they had not developed an opposition to germs that were brought over by the Spaniards , tribes rapidly succumbed to the strange illnesses on their first brief encounter with Europeans - allot of the time this would greatly reduce the amount of the Native Americans with no one firing a single shot.
As Indian Nations built a close association by way of the Spaniards up on their arrival, they are regularly tricked, tormented and massacred by the trespassers to the home land. there were 2 things that made the Europeans equally strong and ruthless - they had guns in their possession, and the Bible which they used to justify the killing of native Americans for their Christian views.
The incident of 1492, the major turning point in the history of America, has had the Eurocentric effect of defining that history in terms of this one moment. Historians describe the previous American cultures as pre-Columbian. And the original people of the continent become known as Indians, simply because Columbus is under the illusion that he has reached the Indies.
The fate of the American Indians was vastly different when you would go to another parts of the country parts of the country. The different area of the country that held the great American societies , in America in addition to along the western coastal section of south America, were thickly inhabited at the time the Spanish turned up. furthermore the Spaniards were only involved with getting all the wealth that they could extract from the regions and ship it back to their countries in Europe. North America, is difference, less inhabited and less urbanized at the time the Europeans arrive. the country had been inhabited north of Mexico, which at the time could be considered to have gotten to the stage in which could be defined a society . The biggest part of the country offered a broad array of environments in which tribes live as hunter-gatherers.
Much more than the Spanish people had arrived to the country, and the people wanted build up the place so they could developed this place for their