The Early Studies Of Hinduism Are Traceable To Harappa Culture

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Week 2 Paper
Anna Steele-Hankerson
REL/133 World Religious Traditions I
November 24, 2014
University of Phoenix
Bruce Weightman
Week 2 Paper
The early studies of Hinduism are traceable to Harappa Culture. This religious devotion continuous in India today. Hindus continued to worship the path of the God on God’s in temples and also construct altars in their homes this involves offerings of flowers, food, incenses, and fire images for the Gods singing hymns is a divine reality. There are many Gods and ceremonies to honor these Gods, these parts of the Devotional Rituals. The worship of nature spirits female divinities of fertility and phallic stones are types of practices that are still conducted today in India.
Hindus worship many Gods but, ultimately must be worshipped through its physical manifestation for the purpose of expressing a single divine reality. There are many Gods and ceremonies to honor these Gods, these beliefs are expressed in sculptures, music, and painting. Music all of these Gods have names. Hinduism differs from most major religions it is unique. It has no founders nor date of origin, it’s simply the religion of the people of India. The authors and origins of the sacred text are widely unknown. Hinduism is one of the oldest religion known dating back as far as 2000 BC making the religions history unclear.
The most ancient writings have yet been deciphered. Scholars rely on educated guesses based on contemporary and archaeology text. It is impossible to speak facts about the faith. Some people think their beliefs and practices a design to fit each individual. Hinduism is fulfilled as a religion but it is much more than that it is a complex socio religious body that reflects the complexity of the Indian society.

Zeus the God of the sky and ruler of the Olympian Gods. Zeus overthrew his father “Gronus” he then drew lots with his brother and won to become the ‘Supreme Ruler of the Gods” His weapon is a thunderbolt. He hurls at those who anger him. Zeus is known to punish those who break oath or lies.
Zeus was regarded by the Greeks as the ruler of the heaven and earth. Zeus the God of all aerial phenomena by shaking his hand produced storms