The Economics of Fashion Essay

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Our store is located in the fashion discrict of Toronto, Queen and Spadina. It will be in the middle of the Street, in between other stores as opposed to a corner store.
We chose this location because it is in the very popular fashion district of Toronto. There are many clothing stores in this area, and people from all over travel to this area to shop because of its popularity. There are high end, expensive stores in this area as well as low end, cheap stores, and R7c is in the middle range of prices. This gives people looking for cheap clothes the chance to spend a little more and get clothes from our store, and people looking to spend a lot the chance to fashionable clothes for a little less. We think we will be successful at this location because many stores around target the same age group (young adults-16-24), which will give them the opportunity to visit our store when they are already in the area. Our store is easily accessible by the public and is not out of the way. Queen street is a busy street, and people that are walking down the street while shopping, walking to school or work, etc. can easily walk into our store if interested. We also have a folding sign located on the sidewalk outside our store to attract customers just walking on the street inside our store. Our hours are from 11am to 9pm. Many of the people in the targeted age group are college or university students, so many are in school in the morning. So, students could be out of school by 11, and have the opportunity to shop. On weekends, people often shop in the mid afternoon as well. For high school students, the store will be open until 9pm so they have the opportunity to visit afterschool.
Our clothing will be mass produced, in domestic production. Mass production will lower the costs of our clothing, and also allow us to have more items in stock. It will be designed and made in Canada. We want a Canadian based store, that does not have our clothing produced offshore or overseas. This allows our customers to know that we are a truly Canadian company. As previously said, Sweatshops are working environments considered to be unacceptably difficult or dangerous. Workers work long hours for low pay in poor conditions and hazardous work environments. R&C does not support sweatshop labour, and will not support or give money to sweatshops. We think there are better, alternative ways to producing clothes even though they are a bit more expensive.
COMMUNICATION Our products will appeal to our cliets because we have a variety of clothing that our targeted age groups could be interested in. Walking in, there are many different options of clothing the buyer has to choose from. There is casual