The Effect of Etomidate on Neuromuscular Junction Essay

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The Effect of Etomidate on Neuromuscular Junction Etomidate is a clinical intravenous anaesthetic drug that is used for the short term induction of anaesthesia and sedation (Valadão et al., 2013). In this circumstance, Etomidate is looked at as a factor of neuromuscular junctions in botox injections. Etomidate aids in spontaneous muscle movements, which include shaking and twitching, which explains that this agent affects the central nervous system or the periphery (Valadão et al., 2013). In this lab experiment, it was detected that Etomidate affects the human body as it has pre and post-synaptic action in neuromuscular junctions, it elicits synaptic vesicle exocytosis, and inhibits post-synaptic nicotinic receptors (Valadão et al., 2013). Etomidate has pre and post-synaptic actions at the neuromuscular junction level in humans (Valadão et al., 2013). In Diaphragm nerve muscles were separated and stained in lab mice for observations after the insertion of Etomidate. Fluorescence microscopy and electrophysiology techniques were used as evidence to show that Etomidate has post-synaptic effects on the neuromuscular junction of the mice (Valadão et al., 2013). It was determined that voltage-fated Ca+ channels were activated in the central nervous system during the process (Atchison, 2013). Synaptic vesicle exocytosis is induced by Etomidate during neuromuscular junctions. As Etomidate was injected into lab mice, the exocytosis depended on extracellular Ca2+ ions in the neurons (Valadão et al., 2013).. At the same time, Na+ ions became independent of the neuron signalling progression. This remark was determined through the exchangeable course between exocytosis and endocytosis (Sheng, 2009). This has a negative effect on the central nervous system of humans when repetitive botox injections are inserted into the body. Etomidate was indicated to bind to post-synaptic nicotinic receptors, leading to a deficiency in the progression of nicotine in the body (Valadão et al., 2013).. A set of mice hemi-diaphragms were incubated with a genetic marker and another set were incubated with Etomidate. The hemi-diaphragms that contained Etomidate showed inhibition in nicotinic receptors (Valadão et al., 2013). This shows how this anaesthetic has a negative impact on neuromuscular junction as a result of botox injections. Nonetheless, the intravenous anesthetic that is used in the injections of botox in everyday life in the clinical world is realized to have a negative effect on the human body. Even though this idea is still in research, it is possible that this anesthetic might cause further damage to the human body. Pre and post-synaptic action in neuromuscular…