The Effect of No Expectation Essay examples

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Sarah Yue Xu
Academy English 20A
Professor Rainstar
October 10th 2014
The Effect of No Expectation

A positive expectations can improve a person’s performance in many aspects. What others expect and encourage a lot will be more possible to come true. In the other word, Expectation plays an important role in one’s ways to improve. However, without expectation, things will be much harder to process. It’s not only be reflected in others’ experiences, but it’s also shown in my personal life. There is a story about a special girl who has a strong inclination on spelling words. She is crazy on memorizing word and she has a good performance in the spelling competition. However, she is not lucky enough, because her friends, classmates, even her family are objected to her effort all the time. She never gets good expectations from others, instead, she is always questioned why she puts so much efforts into the useless games. Though she is success in the end, the difficulty that she never get expectation is obvious. It’s not easy to insist on practice on a insipid practice all the time. When the girl opens her book and concentrates on memorizing thousands of words, her mother just bursts in with angry; sometimes she can only lie to her mom so that she won’t get her blame. The negative expectations has such a strong power to disappoint a person. Willing to protect her form the stress and failures, her mom just focuses on the negative results.At the same time, her classmates laughs at her because she expects herself to win the competition. It will break her confidence, which is a important support for her. Also, it will cause her awareness on her fate of privation and race, which will lead to her self-abasement.
The effect of no expectations are also shown in my personal life. I had a strong interest on design when I was a little girl. To make dress for my Barbie doll, I cut up my mom’s favorite cloth to get a piece of pink fabrics. Also, sometimes I drawn down some design on my textbook when I