The Effect of Pilocarpine and Tropicamide on Human Essay

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1. The Effect of Pilocarpine and Tropicamide on Human’s Pupil

2. Throughout the experiment, we have learned how to measure the pupil diameter using a pupillometer, how to measure the near point of accommodation using a accommodometer and how to demonstrate the pupillary light reflexes by shining the light on the pupil. Besides that, we have learned the effect of 1% tropicamide and 2% pilocarpine on the human’s pupil and how the drugs will affect the pupil diameter, near point of accommodation and the pupillary light reflexes.

3. Before one drop of 1% tropicamide was instilled into the pouch of subject A’s left eye, subject A was required to carry out the experiment for 15 minutes without the influence of the drug to obtain
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Hence, drug B is 2% pilocarpine. During the experiment, there were some physiological and environmental factors that might affect the magnitude of the effects of the drugs. One of the physiological effects is the posture of the subject during the experiment. The posture of the subject might affect the angle of refraction of the light into the pupil which in turn would affect the light intensity. Light intensity would then affect the pupil diameter of the subject. Generally, when the light intensity increases, the pupil diameter decreases to limit the amount of light into the eye. Besides that, the magnitude of the effects of the drugs is subjective to different individuals. Different condition of the eye will give rise to different readings. For example, the subject might not notice that their eyes are not under the perfect condition and when the subject carries out the experiment, the results obtained might not be the same as the results obtained by the other subject who has perfect eyesight. Apart from that, light intensity of the room might vary. Light intensity will affect the pupil diameter of the subject and hence, light intensity will affect the baseline readings. Overall, the results obtained are quite reliable as there are clear trends seen in the graphs drawn. There are some minor fluctuations in the graphs but the minor fluctuations will not have a large effect on the reliability if the results.