The Effect of Violence in the Media on Children Essay

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Television, movies, and video games are a big part of children's lives in today's technologically advanced society. However, there is a big controversy questioning the effects of these media outlets on children. Much of society claims to have proof for the belief that media violence affects children negatively. However, I am skeptical of the evidence that is stated to prove that claim. I feel that society has placed the blame on these mediums for the violent acts, however serious or trivial, that children commit way too easily, before they even begin to examine the parenting of today's society. Television, movies, and video games are not the primary causes for acts of violence and other crimes committed by kids. They are only singled …show more content…
My belief is that people will single out violence on television, movies, and video games as an explanation for kids committing violent crimes simply because it is the easiest, simplest explanation. Television has begun putting ratings on the show before it begins and if a parent thinks that what their kid sees on television is not appropriate than they should be responsible enough to not let them watch. Video games now have ratings also and they are right on the cover of the game. People don't want to admit that the reason may be society in general. It may be a result of a kid growing up in a violent family, or simply having a troubled childhood. Although the violence in these three media's may put violent thoughts into a kid's mind, but I don't think it is ever the only cause. A little kid does not go from being a perfectly well raised, well behaved kid, then go and watch a person get shot in a movie, and then go out and shoot somebody themselves. I believe that in order to solve the problem of kids and violence we should focus our attention on solving the rest of society's problems and start informing people more accurately so that we don't have to censor or ban our media. Some of the problems that I think could arise from doing this are that people may start to blame television, movies, and video games even more than before for violent crimes. The