The Effectiveness Of The Dark Knight Rise's Poster

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In this assignment I will be reviewing the effectiveness of the dark knight rise’s poster. Overall, this movie is an action with a hint or horror and a touch of mystery. These three genre’s all help bring in the audience of 12-25. Even though the primary audience is male they still are able to catch the fancy of female viewers all through the fighting, anger and thrills. In most of these posters there is always this recurring theme of a world of darkness around batman (sinister and evilness) and a source of light above him (meaning that he is hope). These light sources are either fire of the sun shining through a cloud in an otherwise world of darkness.

The main producers (Emma Thompson, Charles Roven and Christopher Nolan) have all had great experience from other films such as man of steel, American hustle and all of the above. All of these films have given them an image to be able to make a £250-£300 million pound film with big budget stars like of tom hardy (warrior), Ann Hathaway (les miserable) and christen hale (the mean street) even with the violence this film is a PG13

The main image of the poster is batman standing above a burning gothem with sunlight coming out of a bat symbol in a sky of darkness. As I’ve said before the light represents hope and the darkness represents sinister evil. The camera is slightly below batman giving him a larger than life look. Dark colours same to represent darkness and light as light. This is a very blunt yet smart way of