The Effectiveness of Vinegar as Battery Essay

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Republic of the Philippines
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The Effectiveness of Vinegar as a Battery

A Science Investigatory Project
Presented to the Faculty of
College of Business Administration and Accountancy

In Partial Fulfillment
Of the Requirements in NATSCI2

Balaoro, IkaClarish M.
De Lemos, Kimberly Marie C.
Elep, Jennifer
Ibale, Alexandra E.
Izar, Janine S.

A.Y 2014 – 2015

The world is blessed by the abundance of energy. It comprises various types of energy. One of this is electrical energy or electricity. Electricity is one of the most powerful forces in our lives. This term make us to remind of anything that we plug into an outlet in order to
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We used to be in the world of having electricity. As a result, it would be a dilemma for everybody.
Electrical energy provides us the easiness in doing different things. We use this in our everyday life. It is used throughout the world in giving power for every appliance we have. It gives the amusement and swept out our boredom. It makes us to feel comfort every time we are displease of something. Because of wanting to satisfy everything easily, we depend ourselves to the things we are used to. We forgot that we are capable to make solutions to simple things. This study opens the mind of everyone that we can make our own way in simplifying our problems.
By this, we have the knowledge on what to do if the time comes. It is very important to obtain an idea for everything.

This concentration of the study is all about the usefulness and effectiveness of the vinegar battery in forming electrical energy to low amperage devices such as digital clock and calculator.


Electrical energy * It is the energy carried by moving electrons in an electric conductor. It cannot be seen, but it is one of our most useful forms of energy because it is relatively easy to transmit and use. All matter consists of atoms, and every atom contains one or more electrons, which are always moving. When electrons are forced along a path in a conducting substance such as a wire, the result is energy called