Essay on The Effectivesness of Media Violence on People

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The Effectiveness of Media Violence on People

As a kid, I had many restrictions to follow. I wasn’t able to touch any video games or watch any movies related to violence because my parents say it would affect my behavior and I might engage in fights with other kids. They were strict about violent video games. It’s true that some children adopt violent behavior, but as they grow older they overcome the behavior and know how to face the reality. Some people like violent movies while others hate them. Sometimes people says that violent media should be censored because it is against the freedom of people chose what to watch while the other side disagrees, saying that media violence should not be censored because media violence makes people become active in the society. In my opinion, media violence should not be censored. First of all, a parent’s everyday behavior plays a big part in shaping a child’s behavior. As we all know education process starts at an early age In that case, at a younger age children catch things easily and continue to do so into adolescence and adulthood. When children watch less television, they will see less violence. My little cousin was a violent video game lover. He buys toy guns and toy knives every time he go to the store and try to play with his little sister in an aggressive way. Then, one day his parents saw him and scolded him and threw away all his toys. Moreover, they never let him play any violent games or watch any violent movies. His parents realized that too much media violence is harming their child. For that reason, they blocked certain channels for him. In fact, for their child to have a good mentality, they also reduced the amount of time he watched violent movies. Although video games are designed to be entertaining, challenging, and sometimes educational, most include violent content. The popularity of video game violence has impelled much research on the possible harmful effects on children and adolescents. Secondly, violent media makes people become more conscious about the real incidents in the society. Media tells us about the truth that are going on in the world. And, when we see it, we are aware of whatever is going to happen or happening. For example, one day my mom was cooking at mid night and the onions were finished. Then, she asked me to go to the nearby grocery store to get some onions. I went to the grocery and got some onions and on my way home I saw some big tall men talking, laughing out loud, and walking around on the sidewalk. I was alone therefore my whole body was shaking and I had the sense that they might attack me and I was aware of the situation. When I saw them coming at my way, I rapidly moved away from the spot and ran fearfully until I got to my house. I was breathing unbelievably so, my mom gave me a glass of water and said “What happened?”, then I told her exactly what had happened on the way. Since that day, I don’t usually go out late at night and even if I do I make sure I take someone with me. Thus, violence on TV and in movies also reflects what is occurring in the world and people stays alert and becomes more conscious. Sometimes people say that violent media should be censored because people adopts violent behavior quickly and they learn violent. However, I disagree, that violent movies or